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 Frequently Asked Questions 

Welcome to Bumblebee Auction FAQs
Should problems be experienced using Bumblebee Auctions or queries arise about the auction process, there is every chance that answers can be found in one of the categories below.
Q: The Bumblebee auction site does not recognise my email address or comes back with 'your email address is not valid'.
  A: Using Bumblebee Auctions requires two specific actions. Firstly you must register on www.Nochex.com and set up a Nochex account . Secondly, after setting up a Nochex account registration on Bumblebee Auctions will be necessary using the same email address used on Nochex. This is achieved by logging on at www.bumblebeeauctions.co.uk . Once registered on Bumblebee Auctions a unique password will be sent to the registrants email address. Individual choices of user name is permitted provided it is not already in use. NOTE: user names and passwords are NOT interchangeable and the same identity MUST be used on both sites on every completed auction.
Q: How long does registering take before I can use the system?
  A: It can take 2-4 days for the Nochex registration to be concluded, and for it to provide the information necessary to register on bumblebee auctions. This can mean that if a user wishes to buy a specific item and has not registered, the auction can be closed before registration is completed.
  This can be unfortunate, but the benefit is that the system has fewer active and committed buyers than a public access system. It also ensures a direct connection between the credentials of the buyer and the transaction.
Q: I have lost my password/forgotten my user name?
  A: New passwords are sent automatically by logging on and clicking the lost password link. For forgotten user names please contact service@bumblebeeauctions.co.uk. NOTE: the email used during initial registration will be required.
Q: Does association with Nochex, Exess Consultants , Coraider etc act as a form of recommendation?
  A: No. All associated organisations are independent and the UK Police Service does not endorse products , services or supplies. The UK Police Service supports principles, one of which is working in partnership with other organisations to deliver services.
Q: The System won't let me pay because it says my account has not been enabled with my bank account.
  A: This occurs when the Nochex account has not been enabled. Enablement is part of the Nochex registration procedure and is accomplished by clicking on Register Debit card or Credit card on Nochex individual account pages. This process involves Nochex taking a small amount out of registered bank or credit card accounts (between £0.01 - £1.99). Once the withdrawal is verified by individual registrants and Nochex are provided with confirmation the Nochex account will be fully operational.
Q: How long do I have to make payment for an item?
  A: Payment is required within 14 days from the end of the auction . Bumblebee Auctions reserve the right to re-auction the item, without prior notice, if payment is not received within the specified period. If delay is anticipated, regardless of reason, it is necessary to notify Bumblebee Auctions and a decision will be made dependent on the circumstances and approval of the Police Force concerned.
Q: I am having problems setting up my Nochex account!
  A: Contact Nochex on support@Nochex.com.
Q: Do you accept other forms of payment i.e. cheque or postal orders?
  A: Although Bumblebee Auctions only accepts Nochex as its Payment Service Provider the use of credit cards and debit cards is permitted by Nochex. When the single transaction limit on Nochex is exceeded it is possible to make payment direct to Bumblebee Auctions by contacting service@bumblebeeauctions.co.uk
Q: Why don't you offer other payment systems e.g. Paypal?
  A: The Bumblebee Auctions link with Nochex is dynamic and integrated. This provides additional security for transactions and considerably reduces the risk fraud and bad debt.
Q: I am trying to use my credit card to make payment on Nochex and it states that only UK issued cards are accepted.
  A: Contact support@Nochex.com for all matters related to credit card acceptability.
Q: The payment link on the confirmation email does not work!
  A: Log on to www.bumblebeeauctions.co.uk and go to 'Manage Auctions' and use the 'Pay Now' button to start the payment process.
Q: I am trying to pay for an item over £300.00 the system is not allowing me to do it!
  A: Nochex have a ' send ' limit of £300.00 on their standard account. Contact service@bumblebeeauctions.co.uk for alternative payment methods.
Q: How can I see the items for auction local to me?
  A: Click on the search button and search by town or by Region/Police Force.
Q: How will I know when my local or another Force is joining?
  A: Details of new Forces coming on board are sent via email to all members of Bumblebee Auctions. If you want your local force on board why not write and ask them to join Bumblebee Auctions?
Q: What do the Icons mean next to the auctions i.e.
  A: means 'hot' auctions i.e. over 7 bids on the item; means the item has a picture; means the item features within the gallery; means it is a Premiere auction item and appears on the home page premiere section; means this item is a featured item.
Q: The Auction has extended beyond the time is should have finished why?
  A: Bumblebee Auctions reserve the right to automatically extend the auction period by 10 minute increments when the highest bid is submitted within 10 minutes of auction closure. This is done in an effort to replicate the conditions available at an auction house thereby allowing time to consider further bids. Bumblebee Auctions does not support the practice known as "sniping" where bids are placed in the dying seconds of an auction in order to prevent other bids being made.
  NOTE: All bids remain open for the time period specified on the auction site subject to the Terms and Conditions.
Q: How long does it take for the confirmation release email to come through?
  A: Ordinarily the release email will come through shortly after the payment has been made for the auction item. Occasionally this process does not meet the expected standards. If payment has been made and a confirmation is not received within 24 hours please advise service@bumblebeeauctions.co.uk.
Q: What should I do if I believe that an item is mine, in that it was lost or stolen?
  A: Contact service@bumblebeeauctions.co.uk immediately and if necessary the auction will be suspended while your claim is investigated. Be ready to substantiate any such claim with a detailed description of the item as well as unseen damage or other identifying mark. Bumblebee Auctions has links with Virtualbumblebee, the UK Police web site for lost, found and stolen property display, and is equally committed to returning all property to the rightful owner.
Q: My item has arrived and is not as described on the auction site, can I get a refund?
  A: If an item is not as described a refund may be applicable. Contact service@bumblebeeauctions.co.uk and the circumstances will be fully investigated. Please refer to Bumblebee Auctions Terms and Conditions related to 'Refunds'.
Q: Can I get any further information on the item?
  A: No further information is available on any auction items.
Q: Why is some jewellery described as white metal or yellow metal?
  A: Unless specifically stated as being Gold, Platinum or Silver all descriptions will describe metal by colour as authenticity has not been confirmed by an expert.
Q: Why are the descriptions so brief?
  A: Property officers avoid descriptions that may mislead. It is a requirement of The Trade Descriptions and Trade Mark Acts that all descriptions are factual.
Q: Why has the item I was bidding on been cancelled?
  A: This happens only on rare occasions when, for example, the ownership of an item is disputed, an item is identified as possibly stolen, or the description is incorrect. Should this occur, the highest bidder will be contacted whilst the matter is investigated. If the item is subsequently re-entered for auction, the bidding process will recommence as a brand new auction.
Q: Why are your postage charges so high?
  A: Bumblebee Auctions has two methods of despatch.
  1 - All items can be collected from the property office that 'sold' the item. There is no charge for this service. All property officers receive a confirmation release email containing the unique number displayed on the confirmation of payment document. Anyone calling at a property office can collect items provided a document showing the matching number can be produced.
  2 - Items can be delivered by courier. Payment for this service is made at the same time as payment for the item won. Delivery payment goes directly to the courier company.
  Once a delivery is requested, both the property office and the courier company get an email notifying that a collection is to be made. Items are collected and transported to the courier HQ for onward shipping. This service usually includes packaging as goods are collected from property offices - they are never shipped directly by participating Police Forces.
Q: Why don’t you use a standard courier?
  A: A ‘standard’ courier service does not include packaging, makes no allowance for security and has no facility for verification of auction winners - hence a bespoke (unique) service is required. It should be noted that auction items are priced by category, not individually. To individually 'hand' price 1000's of items whose weight and size are not known in advance to the courier company would not be practical - hence the scale of charges based on average shipping costs plus packaging.
Q: I was the winning bidder on an item and it has now been cancelled, why?
  A: Due to the nature of some of the items on the site i.e. they are found property, it is conceivable that the original owner might recognise their 'lost' item and claim it back. The terms and conditions for using the site allow for cancellation of an auction at any time.
Q: I think I have paid but have not had my confirmation release email!
  A: The fact that you have not had the release email would indicate that the payment has not been received. This can be checked by clicking the “Refresh” button on your browser and going to 'Manage Auctions' on the auction site home page. Here ensure that there is no 'Pay Now' button against the item concerned.
  If the 'Pay Now' button is displayed then the transaction has not been completed. If the 'Paid' button is displayed please contact service@bumblebeeauctions.co.uk
Q: I have lost the confirmation email or accidentally deleted it, can it be resent?
  A: Yes - contact service@bumblebeeauctions.co.uk where confirmation of payment will be verified and an email re-issued.
Q: Who do I contact to arrange collection of my item?
  A: Conditions and considerations for collection are displayed on the auction page itself along with any other collection restrictions/instructions. These may vary between items. All reasonable care is taken to ensure that the items are ready for collection.
Q: Are the items insured in the post?
  A: Proof of posting is provided on all items sent through the Royal Mail with a standard cover up to £20.00.
  For higher rates of insurance please contact service@bumblebeeauctions.co.uk prior to the item being shipped for details and any additional charges.
Q: How long have I got to collect the item?
  A: The item should be collected no later than 14 days from the date of payment if not Bumblebee Auctions reserve the right to cancel and re-auction the item. In such circumstances refunds are not made.
Q: I have paid for the item and opted to collect it, but I now want to have it delivered! Can I do this?
  A: Yes - contact service@bumblebeeauctions.co.uk for further action and advice.
Q: Why do some items not have a delivery cost?
  A: Royal Mail are used for the majority of deliveries. There is a maximum size and weight requirement. Some items are collect only (e.g. Bicycles and items with petrol engines).
Q: I have paid for delivery, why has my item has not arrived?
  A: 28 working days should be allowed for delivery. If you have not received your item after 28 working days please contact service@bumblebeeauctions.co.uk for an update.